Wei Loke Photography is a relatively young studio setup that was founded in 2017 and is named after the founder himself. Prior to that, Wei Loke had dabbled in commercial and portrait photography since 2011. Wei Loke Photography is all about precision, as he believes there is no shame in being a perfectionist and planning his calculated shots to be accurate, precise, and correct. Wei Loke finds joy especially in the colour mixing process, and his patience has been known by his clients to be exemplary.

As inspiration is a critical part of the creative process of photography, Wei Loke keeps an open mind to anything that he finds interesting. When he does, he turns into a visual storyteller of some sort and focuses on the object being photographed. Wei Loke’s photography style uses minimal light, preferring natural lighting to artificial lighting, and rarely includes over-the-top fancy props. Wei Loke’s photography services extend from commercial photography to photography for real estate, food, portraits, editorials, and events.

Commercial Photographer

Wei Loke once said, “Nothing is impossible; the hardest part is figuring out the next invention,” and that attitude permeated a lot of his most memorable shots. Throughout the years as a photographer, Wei Loke has used photography as an outlet for expression that has brought him so much happiness and opportunities for growth.

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Growing up with a single parent, Wei Loke was exposed to self-sacrifices that have made him resourceful. Being a kid in the 90s, all he could think about was working hard to earn some pocket money. By the time he turned 19, he had already tried several different jobs before discovering photography.

To Wei Loke, photography is both art and therapy. It has taught him patience and understanding. This is a beautiful way of seeing things when there’s a great deal of creativity and imagination out there waiting to be tapped. Becoming a photographer gives Wei Loke an entirely new perspective on everyday life; he chooses photography as the medium to add value to people’s lives, projects, and companies.

In his pursuit of photography, Wei Loke wishes to nurture younger generations who, like him, see photography as a passion that would bring them joy and a source of income.