Documentation of artistic structures and buildings.

Interior photography and styling, creating mental maps and a realistic perspective of the spaces and locations captured.

M Resort & Hotel | Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

M Resort & Hotel is a brand-new urban resort owned by Malaysians, located close to one of Kuala Lumpur’s well-known grounds of greenery—the Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA).

M Resort & Hotel aspires to be a one-stop paradise where hospitality is boundless. Striving to provide authentic experiences for all, it comprises a comprehensive set of facilities such as a gym, spa, kids’ area, lounge and swimming pool.

NITORI Specialty Store design and build by SEMBA MALAYSIA DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

For this project, we are excited to have the opportunity to photograph the space of NITORI, a specialty store designed and built by Semba. This Japanese specialty store carries an array of furniture and deco to elevate living spaces. NITORI is located at Pavillion, Bukit Jalil—one of the newest lifestyle shopping malls connected to best-in-class retails.


Semba Malaysia specializes in the development of retail spaces for Japanese and local clients in department stores, specialty stores, and restaurants, mainly for design and renovation works.

Bungalow Interior styling by BoConcept

BoConcept | BSC

The Marvelous Villa | The Senja

The Senja was built on wonderful sites with incredible views. Taking full advantage of everything a site has to provide, the marvelous villa situated in private forest reserves and mountain ranges from Kuala Kubu Bharu heights.

The scenic beauty of the landscape relaxes the senses and encourages creativity. Developed satisfactory retreat for movie filming, couple honeymoon, family holidays, forest bathing, etc…… Most of all, The Marvelous Villa is designed to offer a space where one can escape stressful everyday life in the city!

Hillside Batu Retreats

Nestle up and escape into Hillside Batu Retreats that provides breathtaking hilltop views of Kuala Kubu Bharu heights ! Many of us city folk usually get our nature fix through staycation in the lush rainforests and gorgeous jungles. This’s a splendid getaway from the concrete forest, Hillside Batu Retreats is surrounded by Mother Nature’s mountain ranges and private jungle reserves.

Landed House design by The Roof Studio

In this project design, a photograph can act as a portal, bringing the truth and glamour of another person, place, or time into the present moment. Source of inspiration for house design by THE ROOF STUDIO ( DOTY Award 2019 & ATAP DESIGN AWARD 2019 ) showcase large photographs, in both black-and-white and opulent colors, that help remake the boundaries of interior environments.

Residential design by Ind’finity Design

Scandi-Industrial by Ind’finity Design

You would not believe the marriage between Scandinavian and Industrial design was possible. This blunt, unassuming and harmonious aesthetics designed by InD’finity Design. Let’s take a look at this Scandi-Industrial photo series which we were capturing lately!

Interior Design show house by D’ruma

Office design by Ind’finity Design

Eko Cheras by DreamScape Management

This photo series features Eko Cheras that we were photographing for a homestay business that provide a great impression to their marketing purposes. Eko Cheras homestay hosted by DreamScape Management, it embraces current best contemporary theme, and various facilities offered. This homestay has its own idiographic personality, spaces are practical and well-equipped, ultra-fine interest without overwhelming your eyes.

Belakang Kong Heng | Ipoh

A quaint square-shaped building, known as Belakang Kong Heng, surrounded by old town’s charm of beautiful coffeeshops that served original Ipoh white coffee, well-preserved architectures, street arts, heritage walks, and traditional shops. It gave a relaxable feel with leafy surrounds, where leaves of the plants that grow along the old walls.

Interior design by Ind’finity Design

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