Belakang Kong Heng Hotel | Ipoh

The gorgeous interior photography shots located at Belakang Kong Heng Hotel, Ipoh. You might seems they’re easy to take a photograph, but they’re not! Especially blending flash light and natural light, this is a tough technique to get. You’ll need a flash to illuminate a dark scene and changing the quality of light. You need to aim to get the best side. Make sure to observe and be aware of the natural light and shooting time. It’s an exhilarating moment when complete what it takes to get the perfect shot, how the entire perspective of the hotel been captured, photograph each of the exquisite spaces and design details that bring a room to life.

Place we went to for this shoot – A quaint square shaped building, known as Belakang Kong Heng, surround with old town’s charm of beautiful coffee shops that served original Ipoh white coffee, well preserved architectures, street arts, heritage walks and traditional shops. It gave relaxable feel with leafy surrounds, where leaves of the plants that grow along the old walls. Combine with artisan market, modern style cafes, barbershop, small boutique shops, and art booths selling all sort of craft works.

And this is just near Concubine Lanes, where many souvenir and hawker stalls are opened. If you’re looking for something a bit more historic with surrounding sights to stay overnight, give Belakang Kong Heng a try. It’s a renowned hotel in the heart of Ipoh, just a close walk to all spots. Very funtional hotel, all air conditioned rooms included fully equipped kitchen, microwave, electric kettles, fridge and TV. Guests can also chill and relax in the patio.

There’s an elevated dining garden bar at the rooftop, Above Gastrobar, offers impressive selection of wine and dishes that cooked to perfection, people can come to relax over drinks and good food while enjoying the view.

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