Event Photography

As a event photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, I know once the moment has passed, my clients will want their photos ASAP. As a professional photographer in Klang Valley, I have one objective, which is to capture the moment as it happens. I wanted to change someones outlook on life and a moment in their lives, showing them a picture that they otherwise might not see. The beauty with event photography is you need to take time, and wait for a moment, then capture it at just the right second, immortalizing it for eternity.

The timing of your final images is so crucial for the subjects that you are photographing. Unless is a statement photo, or photos that will be used in advertising, I tend to make incredibly sparse edits. Formal shots are essential to events (especially for birthdays and weddings). All wedding photographers need to be great at documenting an event documentary style, but also have to get the poses right, as this is what people are looking for.

Respect your photographers as the working professionals that they are, and they will do their best to make sure that the shoot of your business event is as great as possible. If your client indicates you could share photos of your shoot on their website or company page, be sure to include it so that you show off your awesome prowess as an event photographer. Whether you are shooting a birthday party for your friends, or a business event for your clients, communication is key. Whether you are photographing a political dinner, church bazaar, birthday party, or awards function, there is an incredible amount of thought and time that goes into making the political dinner special.

Action shots of the event are much more interesting than having people pose for photos. It is always important to capture shots of attendees for events Attendees at events, but it is also possible to capture some of those shots which are unrelated to the particular date and time. To better understand how the different types of shots can be used for an event, please feel free to contact us info@weilokephotography.com.my OR call 017-360 4928 / whatsapp

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