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Are you a foodie like us? I mean, who doesn’t love a great meal? You’ll definitely know that the food is delicious if it tingles your tastebuds (in a good way). But, to show its tastiness in photos? That’s the challenge that we took on this time.

Food menu photography is the process of taking high-quality and visually appealing photos of food dishes to showcase on a restaurant’s menu. The goal of menu photography is to entice customers and showcase the restaurant’s cuisine in a way that highlights its taste, texture, and presentation.

Today, we present to you our latest food menu photography work for Ru Yu Xuan Kopitiam! Here’s a little introduction to this recently opened Kopitiam. The word “kopitiam” means traditional breakfast and coffee shop. If you’re looking for traditional breakfast-style delicacies, this is the place! At Ru Yu Xuan, they serve assorted toasts, fried mantou, curry chicken, smoked duck noodles, various traditional coffees, and many more…(we’re drooling as we write).

Client: 如玉轩茶室 | Ru Yu Xuan Kopitiam
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography

Our goal was to create mouth-watering photos that will make our client’s menu stand out. Now, you be the verdict, did your mouth water as you stared into these delicacies?

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