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Food photograph for bread with layers hard to pull off. However when we do, the outcomes were gorgeous.

Bread should appear as attractive to the greatest to be appetise. It was best the breads haven’t been pre cutted so we slice them into thickness that we preferred. We’ve went through a lot of breads to find two ideal top and bottom of them, and specifically slice it, a thick top from one bread, then a thick bottom from another.

Interesting part was picking what to put on bread. The photos are mouthwatering when they’ve lots of not alike ingredients, we put in veggies for slightly of contrast, we use fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and egg also on it. Last, sticks toothpicks in the center, therefore, all ingredients stay in place.

Then wait until just before shooting, use a squeeze bottle with a narrow tip to add barbeque and mayonnaise sauce onto the edge of ingredients, so that it won’t seems soggy.

Breads photography can be like intimidate, yet it was pleasant. Suitable styling techniques will bring a huge difference in final image. So will selecting right camera angle, as well as refining the photos in post production.

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