Process of Photoshoot

What’s the process on shooting day?

Photographer will arrive 15-30min earlier before the time, to setting up the mini-studio and testing the light.

At different location may have different lighting setup, the photographer will find out the best lighting solution to fit the object and environment. For Products and Food photography, client has no worries about the house light or daylight. Because we are shooting with flash!

And then, let’s shooting!

Products shoot with a white background will need 3-5min a shoot, and the shooting sequence will separate by category if possible. Such as Bowl / Plate / Cup is a different category. They are shooting from a different angle.

Products shoot with props and unique background will need 10-30min or more. On this, Chef doesn’t cook all the food like a marathon. If not, the food will queue until not looking fresh.

Final photos

You will not be getting any photos by end of the shooting. Final photos will be given 3-14 days, after developing and editing. Photos mostly sending by Google drive.

Behind the scene

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Have a nice day!