We revisited Armani Exchange, this time at the latest and most upscale shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, TRX. As the exclusive space photographers for Giorgio Armani in both Singapore and Malaysia, we bring a high level of expertise and dedication to capturing the essence of their stores. Armani has given us exceptionally high praise for our work.

The most challenging part of photographing this AX store was the exterior shots. The storefront has three large floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and some photos required over 100 shots combined to eliminate reflections and distractions on the glass, striving for a perfect presentation of the store’s design beauty.

From the outside, the signature large “AX” decoration of Armani Exchange is striking, complemented by the soft interior lighting and neatly displayed fashion items, enticing passersby to step inside.

The interior design is even more unique, with an open layout that offers a clear view of the entire store. Various products are neatly arranged, making it easy for customers to browse. Whether it’s men’s or women’s clothing, from casual to formal, each piece showcases the distinctive style and high quality of Armani Exchange.

Our experience and skill in architectural and interior photography ensure that the sophistication and elegance of Armani Exchange are perfectly captured in every shot. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is why Giorgio Armani trusts us with their brand representation.