Interior Design Project Photoshoot with The Roof Studio

Architectural and interior design are two of the most innovative fields photographers can embrace. They may not be as mainstream as street, portrait or fashion photography, but they offer a level of artistic and professional fulfillment that’s way beyond the ordinary.

Before clicking the camera, there are some things that must be learned about architectural and interior design photography. First off, it is best to consider the two as one despite being different in certain aspects.

In this project design, a photograph can act as a portal, bringing the truth and glamour of another person, place, or time into the present moment. Source of inspiration for house design by THE ROOF STUDIO ( DOTY Award 2019 & ATAP DESIGN AWARD 2019 ) showcase large photographs, in both black-and-white and opulent colors, that help remake the boundaries of interior environments.

Every great photo shoot begins with pre-production, which is a fancy way of saying planning. While we have natural light all around us that we utilize, we also carry a sleeve full of lighting tricks as our single most important tool for our architectural & interior design photography.

Shooting architecture, interiors and lifestyles for editorial, commercial and advertising clients in Malaysia. Wei Loke work focuses on exploring the interaction between people and space in the built environment. If you are interested in interior photography services, please feel free to contact us @ OR call us at 017-360 4928 / whatsapp