Things that makes you a good photographer

Photography is an extremely competitive field that requires you to have talent, skills, marketing acumen, and discipline to make your mark as a professional photographer.

I have been working with BoConcept for four years and every year they update the showroom design and hire me to shoot for the showroom.

I still remember that in 2021 last year, it was the first time for BoConcept to shooting of customer’s physical luxury housing projects. BoConcept reflects various actual case photos, which helps them add many projects, which greatly makes customers full of confidence and imagination to trust each project.

This is my original intention and mission as a photographer!

Thank you very much for the support and trust of BoConcept. At that time, I was just an interior photographer for some short-term rental property. They gave me this opportunity to enter the Interior Design/Luxury furniture industry so that I can continue to use my photography skills in their various design projects.


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