Coffee Goods | Coffee Packaging Shoot
Packaging Design By Tsubaki

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. But, would you judge a coffee by its packaging?

In this era of time where aesthetics and visual reigns, we find it undeniable that packaging plays a major influence in a consumer’s decision to purchase. Knowing the complex psychology behind consumer perception, Tsubaki Studio gave Artigiano Coffee Macao a packaging design that’s both relevant to its brand and eye-catching to its consumers.

As the name implies, Artigiano Coffee Macao is a coffee brand that originated in Macao, carrying coffee lovers’ favorites such as house blend coffee, drip coffee, cold brew coffee and more.

Amidst the highly competitive market of the coffee industry, a well-designed packaging definitely helps to attract and intrigue browsing consumers. That is what Tsubaki studio has given Artigiano Coffee Macao, and we too, intend to give Tsubaki studio a conspicuous display of their work through photography.

The first thing that came into our mind when we took on the project: Finally, our very first coffee shoot! Being coffee lovers ourselves, we were truly sparked to get every detail captured through our lenses. The smell of coffee gave us an awakening, and we got to our cameras as soon as we could to start the shoot.

First off, we studied the layers and differences of each product’s packaging. Next, taking into consideration the mostly white-based packaging, we chose a darker backdrop to create contrast, allowing the packaging to be showcased in a popping visionary. Let’s not forget the oh-so-mighty lighting to create some interesting depths. Behold, the outcome:

The elegance of the packaging captured: Finishings featuring chic rose gold, classic gold
stamping and customized embossing.

Packaging Design: Tsubaki Studio
Creative Director: Jay Lim
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography