IPA Int’l Photography Awards | 2022 Official Selection

This year, we’ve hit yet another milestone with the IPA—International Photography Awards!

The International Photography Awards holds an annual photography competition for
photographers from all levels, ranging from professionals, and non-professionals to student
photographers at a global level. The IPA is known for recognizing photography’s leading talents
who are creating, shaping and defining the world of photography today. That said, we are proud
to have been a part of this revolutionizing movement.

Certificate of Accomplishment:

IPA Int'l Photography Awards | 2022 Official Selection

The story behind the winning photo:

Our achievement features the photography of premium leather gifts by D+Co. Launched in
2016, we were exceptionally thrilled to have the chance to encapsulate the beauty of both its
goods and packaging.

the leather goods

Find out more about The Leather Goods project here.


Looking back, we’ve encountered quite a few intriguing collaborations with each creative
carrying a unique style of their own. Needless to say, it has been more than just a shoot-and-go
experience and we’re more than keen to delve deeper into the world of creatives. Every
collaboration has been an eye-opening journey and needless to say, we’re still on a journey of
our own to reach greater heights. With great passion and dedication, we look forward to
upcoming opportunities with art directors, designers and creatives of all kinds!

Welcome creatives:

Feel free to explore our other work aside from advertising and product photography at WeiLoke
. If any of our photography work has piqued your interest, you’re more than
welcome to drop us a message here or contact us via the following methods:

● Email info@weilokephotography.com.my
● Call / WhatsApp: 017-360 4928