Personalized Leather Goods by D+Co

When we think of leather, we imagine the robust characteristics it holds and how each product would be distinctive due to its diverse outlook. Though specializing in the craft of leather goods, D+Co carries leather products that evoke a different feel compared to what conventional leather has to offer. Instead of raw scratches, wrinkles and creases, D+Co gives you a taste of sleekness while enjoying the characteristics of genuine leather.

Previously, our shoot was primarily focused on only its packaging. This time, our mission was to capture what’s within—the bespoke leather goods of D+Co. Being an eco-conscious brand, D+Co not only crafts its products in that sense. Taking the first glance at their leather goods, their product design is also something that reflects qualities of awareness for the environment—simple, clean and down-to-earth. While planning our creative photography process, we were constantly motivated to bring these qualities out in still photos.

With each product carrying multiple choices of colors, our first decision was to group the products by color. The series of colors were segregated into two categories. One with a warmer tone and the other one on a cooler side. For different categories, we prepared harmonizing props and backgrounds to complement each color.

To us, product photography is as much an art form as it is a technical skill. Creative photography decisions can make or break a product in terms of listing, marketing and many more. That is why we always dedicate ample time and resources to presenting any products given to us in the best possible way. We can always feel the worth upon seeing the outcome!

The worthwhile outcome:

Art Director: Jay Lim from Tsubaki Studio
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography

Packaging Aesthetics:
If you’re wondering how their packaging looks, check out The Leather Goods project to learn more.

Product Photography | Personalized Leather Goods by D+Co
The Leather Goods project

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