Eyewear started to gain popularity when celebrities and leaders of respective decades began to wear them publicly, moving them from the realm of medical appliances to fashion statements.

This group of shot composition photos show their public appearances donned in what the era would consider ‘unusual’ eyepieces created a character for each personality.

Nowadays many eyewear manufacturers look to the past, taking inspiration for their innovations from antique models or bygone trends. The revival of retro glasses goes hand in hand with the ever increasing appeal of vintage.

This series of vintage glasses shots came from WeiLoke Photographer and very excited to work with Tio Chin Feng (A.K.A Lifestyle Food Photographer) to complete this shooting in her marvelous studio. Her works are strong and full of emotions, which evokes a local retro feeling. Both the shooting process & preparation process add infinite freshness and our cooperation also come out different of sparks.

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