Hello! I’m Wei Loke, and I’ve been a photographer for more than 7 years. I’ve always believed and appreciate the beauty in communicating something from a space and time, to permanence and empathy. When people are able to feel and imagine its atmosphere through the perspectives I captured, I’ll be rest assured that I’ve achieved my objectives through imageries being understood accurately.
I first got introduced to photography by my friend who owns a camera, around the age of 20. Little did I know that I would one day venture out into photography as a career with an experimental heart, after making the decision to purchase my own DSLR. From starting out in a portrait studio, to selling cameras and then finally to commercial photography over the years; I’ve learned that it takes so much patience and determination to hone an individual’s photography skills and to thrive in this industry.
I’m now a Kuala Lumpur based commercial photographer with a goal to expand my business into an SME. The Malaysian market may still need some maturing for recognising branding and photography needs, but I’d like to deliver my services as solutions to more brands and companies out there. There’s still much to learn, but with time and experience I have faith that I will improve and achieve my mission.