F&B Photography

We understand that authenticity and effectiveness is key when it comes to FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. Hence, we strive to optimise opportunities and opt for natural and real ingredients.

We believe this will bring utmost value in convincing our clients’ customers no matter when it’s a delicious plate of pasta or a thirst quenching cup of shaved ice.

F&B photography portfolio

Architecture & Interior Spaces Photography

As much as lighting, colour temperatures and angles are important while photographing architecture and spaces, we heavily emphasise perspectives. Spaces are physical manifestations of personalities, hence capturing and delivering the exact atmosphere’s personality towards our clients’ customers may be a challenge; But fear not, as we strongly believe the act of first understanding our client’s specific needs and requirements, will be our synergising game changer.

Architectural & interior photography portfolio

Products Photography

We understand the importance of emphasising different details, depending on our client’s priority (i.e. unique selling points, product designs or form and functions). Our mission would be to provide different types of lighting and production set ups to accommodate various shapes, materials and surfaces for our clients’ needs. With our commercial photography experiences, we’ll bring your products to life through post production photoshopping as well!

Products photography portfolio

Corporate Photography

No matter which part of the spectrum your company requires, we cater services from portraits, team cultures to office spaces. We prioritise understanding the nature and objectives of our clients’ photoshoot and campaign requirements. This allows us to adjust base on how it will benefit different parts of their businesses (i.e. websites, prints, banners, digital campaigns etc.) to deliver accurate messages and concepts.

Corporate photography portfolio