Sunway Medical Centre

Sunway Medical Centre, a well known private hospital located in Malaysia first fully intergrated green township of Sunway City.

This job task is introduced by a friend, who also a photographer. Before start the task I received a visual photo, and checked on google street view. It looks easy to achieve the goal. But, when reaching the location It was totally changed!

A new BRT station was build in front of the Sunway Medical Centre, which is blocked the whole view of the building. Next to the BRT there was a pedestrian bridge. After recce around, I make a decision to went up to the pedestrian bridge.

From my experience I know this has to use the photo merging technique, one shoot is unable to photograph the whole building. I took 5 photos in a different position. And last, is going to use photoshop to combine all 5 photos in 1. After few hours of editing, the result comes out Great!

Sunway Medical Centre
front view

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