Photographing Office Space

As we move toward the end of 2023’s first quarter, we stumbled upon a project that screams innovation! This time, we entered a slightly more formal scene of working spaces designed and built by Dmxchange Builder.

When you think of office space and working spaces, you might imagine cubicles and fluorescent lighting, but that’s not all there is for modern-day workspaces! For Dmxchange Builder, the design of a workspace should reflect the company’s identity and culture. More importantly, it should be inspiring. Take a look yourself and you’ll get what we mean…

Client / Design and Build: Dmxchange Builder Pte Ltd.
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography
Office: Virtuos, Crawford

First off, we have Virtuos, a game development company. Before we started shooting, we took some time to get to know the space. As we walked around the office, we took note of the unique features, such as the architecture, furniture, and decor. Understanding the space helps us to identify the best angles and perspectives to capture it from.

A vibrant and open space to spark creative thinking.

office space

One thing that we were thrilled about was the number of windows the space had. More windows mean more natural light — our best friend when it comes to photographing interior spaces!

The next office we captured is Crawford, an independent adjusting firm that specializes in claims and risk management.

front desk

The reception area maintained a professional aesthetic, exuding an air of competence and expertise, while also creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that puts visitors at ease.

The windows say it all! We love a working space that allows employees to see the outside world as they work.

Comfortable seating arrangements and a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged open communication and collaboration.

Casual and relaxing dining area, allowing a temporary disconnection from all the serious work.

From our perspective, the project undertaken by Dmxchange Builder to design and build the working spaces for Virtuous and Crawford is a shining example of how offices can be transformed into inspiring and comfortable environments that encourage creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

As we capture these spaces through our lenses, we hope to showcase the unique features and architectural designs that make these workspaces truly special. This was, without a doubt, an inspiring experience, and we look forward to more boundary-pushing projects like these!

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