High End Product Photography

What’s the difference between High End product photography Vs Low price product photography?

Perfume bottle with a special shape, its effect will be even more obvious. It tests how photographer using light to portray their unique cut, shapes and dimensions previously been a challenge.

This sort of product may consume up to an hour and above to set-up the light. Also, it remembering the necessity of patience in photography. After completion of the light-up, there may have some defects on the product which need to be processed in the post process. As shown in the left photo below.

Even just a box quite challenging as well, as you can see, the box has a pop-up texture pattern on the surface. The direction of the light is very particular, otherwise, the pop-up surface cannot be seen. No matter how good the product is, it also needs a high-quality photo to testify and showcases in an attractive way.

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