Scented Wax Candles By INSTEA

Step into our studio, where the air is now steeped with an irresistible aroma – INSTEA has just
unveiled their latest triumph! Adding to their repertoire of meticulously crafted beverages,
they’ve introduced an enchanting new line of scented wax candles, meticulously infused with the
very essence of your cherished drinks.

Imagine basking in the invigorating allure of Grapes, being invigorated by the zesty tang of
Grapefruit, or surrendering to the lush, sugary notes of Lychee. We would describe it as a
sensory journey that promises to uncover a fragrance that resonates with your soul. But it’s not
just about their enchanting fragrances; these candles are a visual delight, especially when it
comes to their packaging. Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of scent and sight,
courtesy of INSTEA’s newest marvel!

For this project, we’ve chosen a simple grey backdrop to let Tsubaki Studio’s packaging design
shine. The grey canvas sets the stage for a visual extravaganza. With creativity and a touch of
photography magic, we’re not just photographing wax; we’re capturing radiance itself. It’s a
fusion of aesthetics and imagination, where grey meets a kaleidoscope of colours and candles
become characters in their own stories. Join us as we transform simplicity into vivacity, all while
basking in the subtle yet elegant glow of Tsubaki Studio’s packaging artistry.

Client: INSTEA
Packaging Design: TSUBAKI STUDIO
Creative Director: Jay Lim
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography