Surreal Photography Advertising

Can surreal photo bring impact to your business ? Have you ever exploring or experiencing a very different philosophical, psychological and artistic territory ? Introducing the boundary between reality and fantasy! Check out our before and after surreal photography for IND’FINITY‘s design project.


We have a firm before and after imagination of all the steps required to bring this surreal idea to fruition. We created a place where a person has decided to renovate and design her office to take a step out into the extravagant and upscale ambience. We wanted to create a symetric composition representing the old and new space to make it look as if it is a thoroughfare between the before and after appearance.

At the point of first photoshoot before renovation, we kept in mind the exact position, height and angle of the camera and put it in same order during second photoshoot which makes the most sense for the effect of particular perspective of the place, as we went back later in 1-2 months after the renovation finished. We props shop ahead of time and know exactly what is needed, have been much easier to stay organised when the day of shoot arrivest our props ready.

In order to make the structure look as realistic as possible, model was arranged to stand slightly to the center as if she already made up her mind, this is where her company signage typography. The models which photographed at 2 different positions and postures to match the perspective of where the renovate and revamp would be placed on the structure.

During final editing, we also dragged a piece of marble object through the horizontal counter to create a realistic trace in front and behind the structure.

Want have a stand out surrealist photo ?

Surrealism in advertising, creating images which distort reality in order to bring in unusual juxtapositions and compositions to grab your clientele’s eyes. Imagine the series of your company services or products illustrated thus attracted the largest amount of attention of your clienteles, likewise, set your brand and business apart from your competitors !

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