Interiors of a Specialty Store | NITORI

The first thing that comes to mind when photographing commercial spaces, such as shopping
malls or specialty stores is to be able to craft a story for an intentionally designed layout. How
can we make a connection through the spaces and give imagery that enhances the viewers visualization? It is indeed a challenge that is unique in a sense for photographers.

For this project, we are excited to have the opportunity to photograph the space of NITORI, a
specialty store designed and built by Semba. This Japanese specialty store carries an array of
furniture and deco to elevate living spaces. NITORI is located at Pavillion, Bukit Jalil—one of the
newest lifestyle shopping malls connected to best-in-class retails. Amidst the myriad of display
items and divided sections, our mission was to capture the store in a way where the purpose of
each designated space is focused yet connected.

With a mix of techniques, we’ve strategized a series of photographs to carefully put its
distinctive spaces into frames. Here, we have picked some of the finest of our photography work
for this specialty store. Say no more, take a look at the outcome and see it for yourself!

Client: NITORI Furniture Malaysia
Design and Build: Semba Malaysia Design & Construction
Photographer: WeiLoke Photography

Capturing the Interiors of a Specialty Store | NITORI
The illuminating store entrance speaks minimalism and elegance.
The spacious display of furniture and living with soft undertones and cozy lighting.
The down-to-earth yet classy central space to showcase its choices of furniture.
The multiple shopping aisles filled with pieces that resemble lifestyle.

All in all, it was a great experience having been able to photograph the interiors of this newly
opened specialty store, especially one with a minimal Japanese theme. The challenge was to
create a seemingly connected stream out of the stacks of displays that would otherwise look like
clutter. While we are pleased to have overcome this challenge, and we look forward to many
more exciting projects ahead of us!

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